The Interview Competition is a great time to let the judges know just why they should pick you as the next International Junior Miss Queen.  Our judges are warm and friendly and are ready to have a one-on-one conversation with each contestant.  At IJM, there are no political, religious or text book questions.  The judges just want to get to know who you are!  Contestants should wear a nice dress for this competition.

Fun Fashion


Fun Fashion/Modeling: Each contestant will model an outfit of her own choosing. It must be age appropriate, and it should portray the contestant’s personal sense of style and fashion. It can be as simple or ornate as you would like. Denim jeans  are not permitted.  Choose an outfit that you would wear to a Hollywood Premier or Red Carpet Event.

Evening Gown


All delegates must wear a floor length gown that is age appropriate for the formal wear/evening gown competition.  Contestants are judged on grace, poise and overall presentation.


Optional Talent


Talent: $75 each (up to 2 entries at state)


Present your 90 second talent presentation of your choice.  You may enter up to two talent performances. The fee is per talent entry.


Optional Casual Wear


Casual Wear $50 each (up to 2 entries at state)


This competition is all about fun.  Contestants will model attire that is age appropriate and display their own style.  Shorts, pants, capris or summer dresses are all great choices for this competition.  Pro-am modeling and glitz attire are not appropriate for this competition.

Optional Spokesmodel


Spokesmodel $50  


Do you have the voice and presence that demands attention? Spokesmodel presentations are between 45 - 60 seconds and must be memorized.  Topics will be provided in your state handbook.  Speeches must not exceed one minute.


Optional Photogenic


Photogenic $50 each (unlimited entries/$50 each photo)


There is no limit to photogenic entries, however the fee is per photo.  Photogenic pictures should be at least 5 x 7 inches and no larger than 8 x10 inches in black & white or color. Do not mail your photo(s), please turn in at registration.

Optional Competitions

Judging Criteria & Fees

Mandatory Competitions:

Optional Competitions:

State Pageant Fees:


Registration: $35

Sponsorship Fee: $325

Scholarship Fee: $50

Opening Number T-shirt: $35


*Fees are not due at one time. Payment arrangements available.


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